Young girls in black

Des filles en noir
2010 – 35mm – colour - 85’

Direction: Jean Paul Civeyrac
Screenplay: Jean Paul Civeyrac
Photography: Hichame Alaouie
Editing: Louise Narboni
Set Design: Brigitte Brassart
Costumes: Marie-Laure Pinsard
Cast: Elise Lhomeau, Léa Tissier, Elise Caron, Isabelle Sadoyan, Roger Jendly, Thierry Paret, Aurore Soudieux, Youlia Zimina, Christine Vezinet, Jérôme Derre, Robinson Delacroix, Brice Fazekas
Producer: Philippe MARTIN
Production: Les films Pelléas, 25, rue Michel le Comte - 75003 Paris
World sales: Les Films du Losange, 22, rue Pierre 1er de Serbie - 75116 Paris (France), Tel.: +33 1 44438724


Noémie and Priscilla, two teenage girls from working class backgrounds, cultivate the same violence, the same contempt of the world. They are a source of serious concern for family and friends, who sense them capable of going to extremes.


“The inner life of the two girls is largely unsatisfied: they can’t find nourishment in the reality that surrounds them. They harbor a need for the infinite, the absolute, which can only be measured against the idea of death, of the extreme. At the same time, the two girls have a very critical political discourse on society. And it is plain to see today that the violent games teenagers indulge in are also a response to a social debacle, and that there’s no way to enter life. The film tries to attest to these two dimensions. It was not inspired by any specific news item, but is based in a number of real accounts: since 1997 I’d collected articles that dealt with two teenage girls killing themselves. That idea that they do it together is important: it is no longer merely an individual act, it brings the other into play by seeking a bond in death that no longer exists in life.”


Jean Paul Civeyrac was born on December 24th, 1964 in Firminy (Loire). After studying philosophy at Lyon III where he wrote a thesis on the opera film, he became a student in film direction at the Fémis. Later, from 1999 to 2010, he co-led with Claire Simon the department of film direction of this school. He has adapted a French novel by Anne Wiazemsky, Hymnes à l’amour, with the title All the fine promises (2003). This movie was awarded by The Prix Jean Vigo in 2003.


1991 La vie selon Luc (short)
1997 Neither Eve nor Adam
2000 Les solitaires
2001 Fantômes
2002 Man’s gentle love
2003 All the fine promises (TV)
2004 Tristesse beau visage (short, TV)
2005 Throught the forest
2006 Ma belle rebelle (short)
2006 Mon prince charmant (short)
2008 Malika s’est envolée
2010 Des filles en noir (Young girls in black)


2003 Jean Vigo Prix
2006 Adami-Talents Cannes
2010 Cannes Festival: Quinzaine des Réalisateurs


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