Man at sea

2010 – 35mm – colour - 95’

Direction: Constantine Giannaris
Screenplay: Constantine Giannaris
Cinematography: Aggelos Viskadourakis
Editing: Ioanna Spiliopoulou
Set design: George Georgiou
Music: Akis Daoutis
Costumes: Triada Papadaki
Cast: Andonis Karystinos, Theodora Tzimou, Konstantinos Avarikiotis, Konstantinos Seiradakis, Stathis Papadopoulos, Thanasis Tatavlalis, Nikos Tsourakis, Stathis Apostolou
Producer: George Lykiardopoulos
Production: Highway Productions in coproduzione con / in co-production with Greek Film Centre, Hellenic Public Broadcasting, C. Giannaris Films, Nova, 2|35, Black Orange


After the long separation following the death of their son, Alex and Kate meet again on board the oil-tanker Sea Voyager. That same day, Alex rescues thirty adolescent immigrants adrift in the Mediterranean. No country grants asylum, while the manager of the nearly bankrupt ship-owner, forces Alex to deal with the situation promptly. But each one of his efforts results at a dead-end. Some members of the crew grow fond of certain teenagers, including Kate who takes a second-chance to motherhood with young Samir, but the majority feel that their “guests” have overextended their welcome. Unable to handle the tension and wrapped up in his depression, Alex makes a series of wrong decisions and the tragic results leave no one unaffected, until he finally finds the courage to rise above the situation.


“The film’s motifs combine restless movement, expanding derangement and simultaneously entrapment, confinement, and claustrophobia. Contradictory states reflected in the very architecture of the setting. In the very core of each character’s emotions. The ship remains one of the main protagonists of the film. A vast tanker of gigantic proportions, expanding in space and time. A scale model of modern society, a projection of the concept of family today.
The vastness of the tanker however, seems like a small suffocating prison in the even vaster space of the open sea.The size of the setting and its imposing dimensions dwarf the individual characters, shrinking their lives and aspirations.
The hopelessness of coping with the unthinkable, the hope for a better life, the distress of unfulfilled dreams and desires, the need to break free from the restrains of the past. Each passenger onboard this ship, legal or illegal, carries his own emotional baggage.
And in such an assuming environment, it is only a matter of time before it all begins to unravel.
Standing in the middle of it all, is the captain: Alex is the good man who does the decent thing, only to confront sealed boarders, venal interests, corruption and xenophobia.But above all, facing the limits of his own tolerance and the darkness inherent in us all.”


Director and screenwriter. Constantine Giannaris was born in Sydney Australia and has lived in Greece and Britain. He graduated from the University of Keele (Joint Honours History/Economics). He began his post-graduate studies in post-war Greek and Soviet history at the Centre of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Birmingham England but abandoned his PhD as he became increasingly attracted to cinema. He is self-taught, and has never attended any film school. He made his first independent short films in London. His movies have showcased in many international film festivals and forums. His debut feature film in English (3 Steps to Heaven) showcased in the Directors’ Fortnight/Camera D’or Cannes 1995. His subsequent feature films (From the Edge of the City / One Day in August / Hostage) were shot in Athens Greece. At the moment he lives and works in Athens.


1989 Jean Genet is dead (short)
1990 Trojans (doc., short)
1991 North of vortex
1991 Caught looking (short)
1995 A place in the sun (short)
1995 3 steps to Heaven
1998 Apo tin akri tis polis (From the edge of the city)
2001 Dekapentavgoustos (One day in August)
2004 Visions of Europe (ep. Room for all)
2005 Omiros (Hostage)
2009 Gender pop (doc., short)
2010 Man at sea


1990 Berlinale: Teddy Award
1990 Cork IFF: Best Short Film
1990 Torino FF: Best Short Film, International Film Jury Prize
1991 Chicago FF: Best Short Film
1991 Berlinale: Teddy Award
1991 Festival des Homosexualites Bruxelles: Best Short Film
1995 Drama FF Greece: Best Short Film, Best Balkan Short Film, ETEKT Award
1995 Cattolica FF: Best Director Prize
1998 Thessaloniki IFF: Best Director Prize
1998 Greek Film Critics Award: Best Greek Film Prize
1998 Greek State Award for best Feature Film: Second Prize
2002 Thessaloniki IFF: Critics Award
2002 Troia Film Festival: Best screenplay award
2002 Berlinale - Official Selection in Competition
2002 Troia FF Portugal: Best Script Award
2005 Berlinale - Special Panorama: Official Selection
2006 EUXXL FF Vienna: Best Film Award


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