Children of his life

I bambini della sua vita
2011 – 35mm – colour - 90’

Direction: Peter Marcias
Screenplay: Marco Porru
Photography: Alberto López Palacios
Editing: Danilo Torre
Set design: Osvaldo Desideri, Eva Desideri
Original Music: Romeo Scaccia
Costumes: Stefania Grilli
Cast: Piera Degli Esposti, Julien Alluguette, Caterina Gramaglia, Carla Buttarazzi, Giulia Bellu, Nino Frassica
Producer: Federico Demontis
Production: Janas Pictures, in co-production with Ultima Onda
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Alice is 22 years old and lives in the house she inherited from her grandmother in the neighborhood called Castello in Cagliari. She is lost and worried, overwhelmed by the memories of her infancy. One day she goes to visit a man in jail with whom she’ll evoke the events of the life of Silvia, a drug-addicted girl who used to play a role in the life of her daughter. Rosaria, a strong grandmother who gave up helping her daughter to raise her grandchild. And lastly a friend of Silvia from France, Julien, with his life made of poems and letters, feeling a paternal affection for Alice. But Alice hasn’t gone there only to make a life balance, she wants to know if he is her father. She will unexpectedly find the strength of taking back her life and smile again, not as a result of that answer but thanks to a boy linked to Julien’s past too.


“Children of her life tells of the story of Alice who’s now an adult and searches the truth after thirteen years of dark. In an unusually modern Cagliari, a young French girl, a single-woman and a matured woman will carry Alice through a world she didn’t know. A jump in the search of issues linked to the family and the impossibility of being happy without a neighbor listening to you and suggesting keys for living our difficult days.”


Director and scriptwriter born in Sardinia (1977), graduated in direction. He lives and works in Rome, has made various adverts, documentaries, short-films screened in national and international festivals. His works are all based on an interest on social and political issues. In 2006 his debut with the episodes-film  Bambini (episode Sono Alice) produced and distributed by Gianluca Arcopinto, competing in the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and in Giffoni, and screened in the Lecce Film Festival. He has directed the docu-fiction Ma la Spagna non era cattolica? (2007) that participated to the International Festival GLBT of Turin, Day of Homosexual Cinema of Venice, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Valladolid, and the film Un attimo sospesi (2008) was in competition in the  São Paulo IFF , appreciated by the audience and critics in Italy.
In 2010 his docu-film Liliana Cavani, una donna nel cinema was presented during the Authors’ Days at the 67th Venice Film Festival.


2006 Bambini (episodio Sono Alice)
2007 Ma la Spagna non era cattolica? (docufiction)
2008 Un attimo sospesi
2010 Liliana Cavani, una donna nel cinema (doc.)


2006 Taipei Golden Horse FF - in Competition
2006 Festival del Cinema Europeo - Special events
2006 Giffoni FF
2007 Fest. Int. GLBT (Torino)
2007 Madrid FF
2007 Buenos Aires FF
2008 Mostra Internazionale di Cinema di São Paulo
2010 Festival di Venezia - Author's Days


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